a woman suffering from stress and anxietyAnxiety is a condition that affects millions of people in varying degrees. Most people experience a low level of anxiety from time to time from various work or personal related stresses. However, some people can be affected much more severely to the point where it impacts upon their quality of life and overall well-being.

Some anxiety sufferers are can feel embarrassed or even ashamed of feeling this way and can find it difficult to ask for help. However, there is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about if you are suffering from anxiety as our emotions are just part of being human. Anxiety sufferers are also often surprised and relieved when they discover that the majority of people have suffered from some form of anxiety at least once in their lives.

Can Acupuncture Help Anxiety?

Yes, acupuncture is has been found to be effective for treating anxiety, although there is so far limited research into this area. Personally, I have treated many people suffering with anxiety over the years with great success. For some, we have been able to get their anxiety under control to the point where it no longer impacts on their daily life. For others, it has been a case of managing the condition, where once the symptoms have reduced they continue to come periodically for acupuncture treatment to help keep the anxiety levels low.

Here is a video from one of my clients who came for acupuncture treatment in Horsham and was suffering from anxiety. Richard experienced considerable relief from his symptoms after several acupuncture sessions and now no longer needs to come for regular treatment.

If you would like to book an acupuncture treatment for anxiety you can contact me here or you can call me on 07962 675311. I provide acupuncture treatment in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and Horsham, West Sussex.

If you are suffering severely with anxiety or any other mental health condition then I advise you to visit your GP as soon as possible for an assessment. There are also several government-run schemes set up to help sufferers with conditions like anxiety and depression. One, in particular, is called Health In Mind https://www.healthinmind.org.uk. Health In Mind offer various talking therapies for sufferers including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). You can be referred to Health In Mind by your GP or you can also submit a self-referral form. Health In Mind is for people living in the areas of Sussex. However, each county will have their own organisation to help local people. Search on Google for your local organisation. For more help, here is a list of charities and organisations set up to help people with their mental health.

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