a woman suffering from headaches and migraineRecently, I have had a few clients come to see me for help with their migraine symptoms, with great results. For some people, migraines can be brought on by stress and tension from day to day life, whereas others experience migraines due to muscular tension in the neck and upper back. However, people can also suffer from migraines due to a hormonal imbalance. All these causes of a migraine may be addressed through acupuncture treatment.

While an acupuncturist will, of course, take into consideration any physiological anomalies that may be causing the condition, we also view the symptoms via the models of Chinese medicine, such as the five elements and channel pathways.

Below is a video from one of my recent migraine clients, Sally Ley, who came to see me for treatment in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Sally was suffering from frequent and debilitating migraines but found the symptoms reduced considerably with a course of acupuncture treatment.

Sally also attended a session while having a migraine attack, but was happy to leave the session pain free. Here is Sally’s video;

Acupuncture for migraines in Tunbridge Wells

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Heather Cripps is another client I have seen recently for help with headaches and migraines. Although the cause and nature of Heather’s migraines were different from Sally’s, Heather also experienced considerable relief form her acupuncture sessions.

For Heather, it was also necessary to work physically on loosening up her neck and shoulders with massage techniques as well as acupuncture. Heather now comes for treatment periodically to keep her migraines at bay. Here is Heather’s video;

Acupuncture for migraines in Horsham

If you suffer from migraines and would like to try acupuncture for your condition, please feel free to get in contact with me via email on this page here or you can also call me directly on 07962 675311.

I provide flexible appointment times and offer week day, evening and weekend appointment sessions.

Treatments available in Tunbridge Wells near Maidstone and in Horsham near Crawley.

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